Virtual Learning Resources

Microsoft Virtual Learning Resources

Microsoft has released a collection of special education and accessibility resources for remote learning, to help support educators working with students in virtual or eLearning settings.

These resources are intended for all educators, but will be especially helpful for educators and support staff who work in the following areas:

  • special education,
  • assistive technology,
  • blind and visually impaired,
  • deaf and hard of hearing,
  • occupational therapy, physical therapy,
  • speech language pathology,
  • early childhood special education,
  • behavior,
  • counseling,
  • school psychology,
  • language interpretation,
  • literacy,
  • autism,

and many other areas that assist students who need specially designed instruction.

Accessibility in Digital Materials

When adapting curriculum to use in a virtual space, educators have to be mindful of how their students will access course materials. This webinar discusses best practices for creating accessible materials for your classroom.

Watch the Accessibility in Digital Materials webinar.

Providing Accommodations in a Virtual Environment

Teaching in the virtual space brings about a new set of questions, especially around those students who typically use accommodations in the physical classroom. This webinar answers some of the most common questions teachers have when making the switch to virtual.

Watch the Providing Accommodations in a Virtual Environment webinar.

Setting Up a Successful Asynchronous Environment

Virtual teaching extends beyond live Zoom sessions. In this webinar, we explore options for asynchronous learning, where not all learners (or even the teacher) are accessing the course at the same time. 

Watch the Setting Up a Successful Asynchronous Environment webinar.